Call For Papers

We invite cybersecurity professionals, researchers, academics, and enthusiasts to submit their proposals for talks at BSides Odisha 2023. Our goal is to curate a diverse and engaging lineup of talks that cover a wide range of cybersecurity topics, from technical deep dives to industry trends and beyond.

Submission Categories

- Vulnerability research and exploitationt

- Malware analysis and reverse engineering

- Incident response and forensics

- Security architecture and design

- Cloud security

- Internet of Things (IoT) security

- Web3 and blockchain security

- Privacy and data protection

- Ethical hacking and bug bounty experiences

- Cybersecurity policy and legal considerations

- Career development and mentorship in cybersecurity

Submission Guidelines

- Submissions can be in the form of technical talks, case studies, research presentations.

- Presentations should be engaging, informative, and aligned with the event's theme.

- Proposals should include a title, abstract (200-300 words), intended audience, and a brief speaker biography.

Speaker Benefits

- Opportunity to share your expertise with a passionate and diverse audience.

- Networking with industry professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts.

- Exposure and recognition in the cybersecurity community.

- Access to exclusive speaker support and resources.

Submission Deadline

The deadline for CFP submissions is 15 September 2023. All submissions will be reviewed by a panel of experts in the cybersecurity field. Selected speakers will be notified by 1 October TO 20 November 2023.

Speaker Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) document for BSides Odisha event

  • BSides Odisha 2023 Speaker Terms and Conditions

    1. Presentation Content

    - Speakers are responsible for the content of their presentations. The content should be accurate, ethical, and not violate any laws or regulations.

    - Speakers are encouraged to provide informative and engaging talks related to cybersecurity and the event's theme.

    - Presentations should not promote or endorse specific products, services, or organizations.

    2. Intellectual Property

    - Speakers retain the copyright to their presentations but grant BSides Odisha the right to record, distribute, and archive the presentation content for promotional and educational purposes.

    - BSides Odisha requests that presentations not be published or shared before the event to maintain exclusivity.

    3. Conduct

    - Speakers are expected to maintain a professional demeanor and adhere to the event's Code of Conduct during their presentation and interactions with attendees.

    - Any offensive, discriminatory, or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and may result in the immediate termination of the speaker's involvement.

    4. Rehearsal and Technical Requirements

    - Speakers are required to participate in rehearsal sessions to ensure smooth presentation delivery during the event.

    - Technical requirements and presentation format details will be communicated to speakers in advance to ensure compatibility with the event's setup.

    5. Compensation and Expenses

    - BSides Odisha does not provide financial compensation, travel, or accommodation expenses for speakers. However, we can provide letters of support for speaker visa applications, if required.

    6. Event Registration

    - Speakers are required to register for the event through the provided registration process.

    - Any additional attendees accompanying the speaker must register separately.

    7. Promotion and Marketing

    - Speakers grant BSides Odisha permission to use their name, image, and biography for event promotion and marketing materials.

    - Speakers are encouraged to promote their participation in the event through their professional networks and social media platforms.

    8. Modifications to Terms

    - BSides Odisha reserves the right to make modifications to these terms as needed. Any changes will be communicated to speakers in a timely manner.

    9. Acknowledgment and Agreement

    - By accepting the invitation to speak at BSides Odisha 2023, speakers acknowledge and agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

  • BSides Odisha 2023 CFP Review Process

    1. Submission Evaluation

    Initial Screening

    All submitted proposals will undergo an initial screening to ensure they meet the submission guidelines and focus on relevant cybersecurity topics.


    Reviewers will evaluate submissions without knowing the identity of the authors to ensure an unbiased review.

    2. Technical Review

    Content Evaluation

    Submissions passing the initial screening will be evaluated for the quality and relevance of the content. Reviewers will assess the originality, depth, and significance of the proposed topic.

    Technical Accuracy

    Reviewers with expertise in specific areas will assess the technical accuracy and validity of the presented concepts or research.

    3. Diversity and Inclusivity Review

    Diversity and Inclusivity

    Our committee values diversity in topics, perspectives, and speakers. We will review submissions to ensure a balanced representation of cybersecurity domains and diverse voices.

    New Speakers

    We encourage submissions from new and underrepresented voices in the cybersecurity community.

    4. Final Selection and Notification

    Ranking and Scoring

    Reviewers will score and rank submissions based on predefined criteria, including relevance, technical depth, presentation quality, and originality.

    Selection Committee

    A selection committee will convene to discuss the ranked submissions and make final selections for talks to be included in the event.


    Authors of accepted and declined submissions will be notified via email. Feedback may be provided to rejected submissions to aid improvement for future submissions.

    5. Speaker Support


    We offer mentoring to selected speakers to refine their presentations and ensure the highest quality delivery.


    Our team will provide logistical support, including presentation guidelines, rehearsal opportunities, and technical assistance.

  • How to Submit

    Submit your proposal through our online submission form:

    We look forward to receiving your proposals and creating an exceptional educational and networking experience at BSides Odisha 2023. Join us in shaping the future of cybersecurity!

    For inquiries or more information, please contact

    BSides Odisha Organizing Committee